Embracing Shades of Action

"Empowering Indigenous Girls and Girls of Colour to take action within their communities"

For Parents/Guardians

Embracing Shades of Action aims to provide an opportunity for your child to interact/network with other youth that they might have shared experiences with.

Often times as a Girl of Colour or Indigenous Girl in a locality like Victoria, there can be limited spaces to be with other girls that have shared experiences as you and have the opportunity to network.

Embracing Shades of Action aims to create an inclusive space for all Girls of Colour and Indigenous Youth as well as their families.  Every family and individual is unique in their make-up and while no experience is ever the same, one can find solidarity in shared experiences.

The success of this event is not only dependent on the youth participants, but also the supportive environments created by parents and the supports in these youth’s lives.  We as the organizers and facilitators of this event have a passion for working with youth and creating community. We also have a shared belief that young people have skills and innovative ideas to offer to the community at large. In order for this work to be successful we must all be in it together and have a collective vision in creating a supportive community to see these youth strive! We are open to any questions or concerns you may have.

Please do not hesitate to contact Nikki & Whitney at: girlsactionproject@gmail.com

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